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Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation can make significant savings on your heating bills.

By fitting cavity wall insulation, you can reduce your heat loss by around 35%. Combine this with Loft Insulation and you will see noticeable savings on your energy costs.

This works by inserting a foam/fibre or EPS bead material in to the cavity to reduce the amount of available airspace. Therefore there is less air to heat from within the property to form a barrier of protection.

With the rise in energy efficiency grants, you can now receive a generous contribution towards the cost of insulating your property. Dependant on the property type or your own personal situation, this can sometimes be fully insulated for free!

As always, carry out your own due diligence when it comes to choosing an installer, as with most types of insulation, if incorrectly installed, it can cause more problems than it solves. Therefore we at South Coast Surveying would always recommend choosing an approved installer.

How much you can save

England, Scotland and Wales

Detached house Semi detached house Mid terrace house Bungalow Flat
Fuel bill savings (£/year) £250 £150 £95 £105 £70
Typical installation cost* £720 £475 £370 £430 £330
Payback time 5 years or fewer
Carbon dioxide savings (kgCO2/year) 1,120 kg 670 kg 410 kg 450 kg 100 kg
*figures taken from the energy saving trust website.

South Coast Surveying can assess your property and advise on costs for installation, information on any grants/funding available and project manage the installation on your behalf. See our “How can we help” page for more information.