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Get an EPC

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

You will need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) if you want to sell, rent or build your own home.

An EPC explains how energy efficient your home is (rating it between A-G) and tells you, prospective buyers and tenants what typical energy costs to expect and how you could reduce your energy bills and save money by making your property more energy efficient.

FREE* Energy Assessment

South Coast Surveying can provide an EPC and carry out a full Energy Assessment of your property and if you decide to go ahead with any of the improvements we recommend, the Energy Assessment will cost you nothing.

This could include: –

  • Low Energy Lighting
  • Solar Panels
  • Boiler Upgrades
  • Loft, Cavity and Solid Wall Insulation
  • Renewable Heat Sources

How does it work?

Simply ring our friendly customer service team and one of our fully-qualified assessors will visit your home and explain how you could make your home more energy efficient, environmentally-friendly and cheaper to run. We’ll also tell you what grants and funding are available and how to apply.

We’ll examine the structure of your property, your existing heating and insulation measures and the carbon dioxide emissions from your home. We’ll then talk you through all the ways you could save energy, from low energy light-bulbs to the latest high-tech air and ground source heating pumps.

If you want to go ahead with any of our recommendations, we’ll arrange this through our extensive network of approved suppliers.

Call or email us today to arrange an appointment.