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Solid Wall Insulation

Solid Wall Insulation is the perfect way to insulate older / non traditional properties.

In many locations, properties built after the 1930’s were built using a cavity wall construction, for older properties and those such as pre-fabricated or steel/timber framed, they may either not have a cavity to insulate or not be suitable for cavity wall insulation. In those situations, Solid Wall insulation is the answer.

For external wall insulation, this is made up of several layers

  • Base track and base beads are applied around windows and doors
  • A scrim adhesive is applied to the exterior wall
  • Insulation Boards (Usually EPS) are wet fixed to the adhesive
  • Mechanical pins are used to fasten the Insulation in place
  • A mesh is then applied over the system
  • Corner / Stop beads are fitted where required
  • A second scrim adhesive coat is applied.
  • The system is the primered
  • Finally a top coat is added.

The finish colour is within the top coat. We recommend a silicone system as other finishes (such as a dash render) can dry and crack.

The advantage to insulating the property externally is that it gives the building a complete overhaul/refresh and can be easily maintained with no need for regular painting.

Solid wall properties lose their heat twice as quickly as cavity wall buildings, so by insulating this type of property, you will make significant savings on your energy bills.


How much you can save

England, Scotland and Wales

Detached house Semi detached house Mid terrace house Bungalow Flat
Fuel bill savings (£/year) £425 £225 £160 £175 £120
Carbon dioxide savings (kgCO2/year) 1,870 kg 1,120 kg 690 kg 760 kg 520 kg
Typical installation cost* External wall insulation: £8,000 to £22,000
Internal wall insulation: £4,000 to £13,000
*figures taken from the energy saving trust website.

South Coast Surveying can assess your property and advise on costs for installation, information on any grants/funding available and project manage the installation on your behalf. See our “How can we help” page for more information.